-- Please note that this project is no longer active and this site a static archive as of Oct 2016 --

This site provides information about JoinedUpDigital - a cross-sector initiative working to see more people in later life enjoy the benefits of digital products and services, formed from a coaltion of organisations interested in digtial+ageing.


Too many people in later life are being left behind by the shift to a digital age. We have plenty of supply (digital solutions that can help improve lives) and a clear demand (people who can benefit from them) – however in the case of older age groups specifically the link between them is broken. JoinedUpDigital is an experiment aiming to show we can achieve much more together - through being more joined up (e.g. using network mapping approaches to identify and form the right links from national -> local -> person) and helping digital solutions, existing and new, get through and make an impact.


We use this microsite for sharing plans, progress updates and resources related to the project. 


Site map - where next:


  • Introduction - sets the context by discussing some of the barriers facing older age groups and access to digital

  • Project Outline - this is the project scope document that sets out what we aim to do and how

  • May event - outputs from our May workshop event

  • Stakeholders - information on the coaltion of organisations driving the project forward

  • Contact - get in touch with us if you're interested in joining or want to find out more