May event - Date agreed

March 18, 2016


Our May event will be held on Wednesday May 18th, 2016, from 10am to 4pm. It will be hosted at the 3rd floor conference room at the Angel building, 407 St John St, London, Islington EC1V 4AB.


The purpose of the May event, as laid out in the Project Outline, is to explore the significance of digital technology for those in later life and their communities, and how best to realise the benefits


The detailed agenda and workings for the event are currently being developed, and will be soon posted on this site with Project stakeholders to help shape.


Project contributors are asked to sign up to the event  at our Eventbrite page, which is invite only and will be emailed to you.  


If you are interested in joining our project and participating in our event please contact us.