A key principle of the JoinedUpDigital project is that it represents a coalition of multiple organisations with the same shared ambition: of getting many more people in later life enjoy the benefits of digital products and services. We all acknowledge that we are stronger together - pooling our resources, reducing duplication, each bringing our unique strengths, assets and experience into the project to achieve a greater good.


Many leaders and workers in the 'front-line' of the ageing field recognise that digital technology is important for personal well-being, community health and improved service delivery. They also recognise that technology can’t be introduced and adopted without major changes in organisational culture, and support for organisations as well as individuals in the field. This will involve a change from the current competitive funding-drive environment to one where cooperation and collaborative is more prevalent.


This page proposes a set of 'rules of engagement' for project stakeholders and describes in detail the role and interests of 'Founders' and 'Contributors'.


Project Rules of Engagement


  1. Information is shared openly and transparent within the project, across all stakeholders

  2. All content, outputs and tools developed by the project will shared publicly for common good. All work will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  3. Founders will take the lead in driving forward the project - for instance setting the project outline and organising the event. The founders will aim to share news and work as it develops openly with all stakeholders, through our various comms channels.

  4. We will seek to get input from stakeholders to help shape the project's agenda, the ideas created and resources which result. We will also get input from stakeholders on key decisions, including any opportunities for follow-on projects

  5. We recognise that organisations have a range of social and commercial interests - and will work in a way that acknowledges them explicitly, while remaining fundamentally committed to creating the maximum public benefit through our collective, open and transparent approach




The JoinedUpDigital project was formed off the back of a number of streams of work. Paddy Hanrahan, in his role as interim director of digital, collected some research for Ageing Better looking at the barriers preventing wider digital adoption in older age groups. In then looking at how these barriers could be tackled, he has worked with David Wilcox and Drew Mackie to look at building on the excellent work they had developed over a number of years in the field of network mapping and living well in the digital age. David and Drew also worked closely in the past on the network mapping with Nigel Lewis and the Age Action Alliance. In Paddy's discussions with Tris from New Philanthropy Capital it was clear that NPC's Digital Transformation work had much in common with the project being developed, and as ageing was one of Tris' 'sub sector' of focus we agreed to join forces and take the project forward together.

Here follows further information on the project founders in terms of organisation background and interests in the JoinedUpDigital initiative.

The Centre for Ageing Better

Paddy Hanrahan, Interim Director of Digital: “
The Centre for Ageing Better (Ageing Better) is an independent charitable foundation working to help everybody enjoy a good later life. Our approach is based on evidence – we develop, share and apply evidence to help people age better. We bring fresh thinking to the challenges and opportunities that everyone faces as more people live longer. We are focused on change and support projects that can make a difference to later lives. Working in partnership with people and collaborating with a diverse range of organisations, we create measurable change for the long-term.

As Ageing Better has developed its strategy over the last year, we have created a number of 'topics' that we are pursuing as an organisation [link]. Alongside developing these areas of work we have been exploring the role of digital - in terms of how we operate internally and alongside our partners, but also looking at the state of digital in the ageing space more generally. Digital is not a separate 'topic' or work programme for the Centre for Ageing Better, nor will it be a separate function. Instead the aim is that digital will be pervasive in all that we do - just as digital is becoming increasingly pervasive in our everyday lives.

Ageing Better's primary interest in setting up this project is to further explore the potential of digital in supporting a better later life. As we develop Ageing Better's strategy and initial programmes of work, it is timely that we can see first-hand the impact digital can have on communities and individuals. Bringing together many organisations with a shared interest in a better later life also allows us to extend our networks & relationships, and the network mapping - particularly of how individuals interact with their community - can help develop our own theory of change. All of which we hope will move us towards our vision of a society where everybody enjoys a good later life.”

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC)

Tris Lumley, Development Director: “
NPC is an independent think tank and consultancy with a mission to transform the charity sector to achieve the greatest impact in people’s lives and society. Digital technology offers perhaps the greatest opportunity for charities and social enterprises to reach their potential through reaching as many people as possible, joining up their products and services, and putting people at the centre of the huge range of resources that are already out there. Our focus in our collaborative work on digital transformation is to help organisations come together to map out the opportunity for digital technology across all of their work, from the perspective of users rather than just their own organisations and services. We believe this needs to be ambitious—developing a vision for what could be achieved through digital rather than being incremental in our thinking. Our approach is fundamentally collaborative—it’s only through collective action that we can hope to reach this vision. Yet it’s worth remembering that while such a vision seems incredibly ambitious for the charity sector, it’s already routine in the private sector—we’ve already seen transformative change through digital technology in products and services we now take for granted. The clients and beneficiaries of charities, social enterprises and public services deserve that we seek to make real transformation just as real in our work.

We will work in parallel to this initial phase on creating a collaboration to take the work forward, bringing together stakeholders including funders, investors and businesses around an ongoing initiative. We will develop principles or ground rules for this ongoing collaboration—for example we will commit to an open approach, open platforms and standards to ensure that public benefit is at the heart of further work and is maximised for all. We aim to develop a digital transformation fund to fuel the work, and invest in the opportunities that it highlights, so that we are able to continue to work towards a future vision of transformation through digital technology”

Age Action Alliance (AAA)

Nigel Lewis, Chair of the Digital Inclusion working group: “The
Age Action Alliance (AAA) was launched in 2011 in response to a growing recognition of the need to respond to an ageing society. In particular, to bring together older people and cross sector organisations to work together to celebrate the opportunities and address the challenges of our ageing demographics.

The alliance’s vision is to improve the quality of later life through partnership working between members and older people; creating communities where older people feel secure, valued and able to contribute to society. The alliance now has over 900 members with new organisations and individuals joining daily and we recognise that only through working together will we have the necessary impact to support older people and prove their lives. It is for this reason that AAA is a partner of Ageing Better, NPC and the Joined Up Digital project. We know through the work of our members that there is a wealth of knowledge, resources, projects and support for older people but the challenge still exists to bring the full benefit of this activity to older people as much of the existing activity is delivered in isolation and those 'on the ground' struggle to find help and support daily.

Creating a map that supports local people to find the services and resources available and which also allows suppliers of such services to connect with those in need will we have a significant impact in improving outcomes for those most in need in our ageing society.

The AAA through engaging with our 900 members we will be able to act as a facilitator to link those providing services and support with those that need help. We can bring members and targeted end users to the JoinedUpDigital project to shape and deliver outcomes. And we can use our established communication channels (newsletter; Twitter Chat) to publicise what is being delivered and put out calls for help and input.”




Project contributors will form the main rump of our stakeholders, and it is hoped will represent a cross-section of organisations and individuals from across multiple sectors - brought together by a shared goal of seeing more people in later life enjoy the benefits of digital.


The latest list of Contributors that have joined the project can be found on this news item page.


We are open to bringing on board more organisations with an interest in the ageing+digital space, who feel they could help move this agenda forward. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how to get involved.


Here follows a number of organisation types / roles, with possible interests in the project...



  • Deliver wider scale impact

  • Improved return on ageing-related investments


Product developer / provider

  • Better understand needs of target consumers

  • Understand how more consumers can be reached


Public Sector and agencies

  • Better understand needs of target communities and individuals

  • Gain information for local action• Encourage self-management


Private sector (service providers, tech companies)

  • Connect with community and sector level innovators

  • Understand how more consumers can be reached and better served


VCS orgs

  • Connect with community and sector level innovators

  • Understand how more consumers can be reached


Digital skills charities

  • See how their services can reach more people

  • Engage with new community orgs to better understand challenges

  • Understand new technologies / solutions that can be teached


Ageing sector specialists & Innovators 

  • Provide their experience & insights to help bring orgs together

Community orgs / front-line services* See how lives of local individuals could be improved

  • Understand where digital can help deliver services digital services



  • Contribute to project solutions using own lived experience

  • Allow all orgs to better understand their perspective: their desires, opportunities, challenges

  • Understand how digital tech could improve their own lives